Our Team


The Trustees and staff of PCS are passionate about the work we do and making a positive impact on the lives of those we help.

There are eleven trustees who work tirelessly in a voluntary capacity and are responsible for the governance and strategic development of the Charity. The Chair of the Trustees is Ann Maria Thomas. We are always looking for people with the skills and experience who can help in this rewarding role. If you are interested in becoming a trustee then, please contact us.

Presently, a team of around twenty six staff are responsible for the day to day support we provide under the guidance of the charity’s Managing Director.

The staff are dedicated and passionate about their work and we are pleased that this is recognised by a number of our statutory and voluntary partners. We operate in a highly regulated environment and report to a range of organisations.

Michael Hooper, Managing Director

Below are the hard working and dedicated professionals that work for us. Photographs will be added when the hair stylists and make up artists have finished their work. So, please be patient 🙂

Advice & Bond

Cathy Lawrence
Joint Advice & Bond Co-ordinator

Jonathan Clarke
Joint Advice & Bond Co-ordinator

Leigh Evans
Advice & Bond Team Worker

Nia Hutchins
Advice & Bond Team Worker

Lily Leeming
Advice & Bond Team Worker

Pathway Lettings

Jacqui Sanders
Joint Pathway Lettings Co-ordinator

Sarah Freier
Joint Pathway Lettings Co-ordinator

Gabriela Halama
Pathway Lettings Team Member

Rachel Cavaney
Pathway Lettings Team Member

Tenancy Support

Geraldine Carty
Supporting People Co-ordinator

Adrian Marszalek
Joint Supporting People Co-ordinator

Dorrien Thomas
Senior Tenancy Support Worker

Jonathan Jenkins
Tenancy Support Worker

Sarah Jones
Tenancy Support Worker

Suzanne Key
Tenancy Support Worker

Liam Hewitt
Tenancy Support Worker

Sophie Hill
Tenancy Support Worker

Admin & Finance

Carolyn Beech
Administration Co-ordinator

Heather Brooks
Finance Co-ordinator

Mike Jones
Senior Admin Support

Sarah Chapman
Receptionist & Admin Support

Ella Evans
Receptionist & Admin Support

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Our Vision

We want to end the cycle of homelessness for young people and provide support for those facing homelessness

Our History

At PCS we have been supporting the homeless since 1979 as PATH, under the umbrella of Pembrokeshire Care Society


Hear first hand from the individuals in your community that we support what it is like to work with us and receive our assistance