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Our Vision


○ To end the cycle of homelessness for young people
○ Support people faced with homelessness


○ No person should have to sleep rough

○ Everyone should be treated with respect, honesty and without prejudice

There are many reasons why people face homelessness. However, it is our belief that every person deserves the chance to fulfil their full potential and live independently. Homelessness and the threat of it can affect people at any stage of their life. However, it is particularly important to help make positive and lasting changes to help young people face and address these problems.

This is what we do and to continue doing it we need your help and the help of our many partners.

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Our Team

We currently have many dedicated staff and trustees passionate about providing the best possible service to everyone we support

Our History

At PCS we have been supporting the homeless since 1979 as PATH, under the umbrella of Pembrokeshire Care Society


Hear first hand from the individuals in your community that we support what it is like to work with us and receive our assistance