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PATH really helped me when I was rough sleeping in 2019. I turned up at their offices after a really bad night. I was wet and cold and my sleeping bag had been stolen. Thankfully, they had a small studio that I could view and it was available. I couldn’t believe my luck. The following day I moved in. Ok it was a small place, but I knew it wasn’t forever, just a few months until I could get back on my feet. Everyone at PATH helped me and even down to claiming the right benefits to pay for my rent. I ended up staying for eight months altogether. I moved on to a bigger place after finding work. But I will never forget how down I was and how much they helped.


Discovering Pembrokeshire Care Society was a massive turning point for me during a very low, stressful and uncertain time. Becoming homeless can happen so easily and quickly, often without being prepared. Sometimes it is due to the path that we have found ourselves on. Either way, it is a very stressful and terrifying time. I found myself facing homelessness several years ago due to nothing more unusual than a relationship ending. Something as simple as that. Something that almost all of us can relate to. Thank god I had a wonderful friend who put me up for a few days but during this worrying time I discovered Pembrokeshire Care Society. I phoned them up and arranged to see them the very next day. I was a gibbering wreck, but they helped me in so many ways. Looking at all aspects of how to get my life back together, how things were in place to help (Including dept and financial concerns) and most importantly finding me accommodation very quickly.
The feeling I had when I moved my things into my own self contained en-suite room in a shared house with people who were in the same boat and a caretaker who lived there for help and advice, was amazing. I had a secure, safe home! I cannot tell you the sense of relief I felt and the massive sense of gratitude I have for these guys.
Even now years later, while I'm slowly getting back on my feet, they are still around for help and guidance.


When I lived with my mum, life was very difficult due to her mental health issues. Home life was very up and down, and I never knew what was going to happen next. When I reached 18 I finally had the courage to leave my then abusive boyfriend who I lived with and I went to stay at mums. My mother struggled to have somebody in her house due to her mental health, it resulted in her kicking me out. I had no friends or family I could go and stay with, because of how controlling my boyfriend was at the time, I had lost pretty much everyone. I reached out to my local authority and explained to them my situation. I was relieved to know they had a placement in a homeless hostel near me, the whole process was daunting as I had never been in that position before, but I was reassured by the housing officers that I would be placed in a safe warm place. I was given a room to myself, I was given a tour of the facilities and introduced to the other people living there. Everyone was welcoming and I was put at ease quickly. They assigned me a support worker, who helped with pretty much everything. They taught me how to budget my money, look for work, cooking etc They encouraged me to be more independent and supported me to contact other organisations for counselling. More importantly when I opened up to my Support worker about my ex-boyfriend, she helped me recognise that it wasn’t normal to be treated that way and encouraged me to seek the relevant help, she also gave me the confidence to reach out to family members and rebuild relationships. I spent three months in the hostel before I was moved into the community, I was placed in a shared house with other young people in the same position as me. I was relieved to know that I would still be receiving support from the organisation, with this newfound stability I was able to look for work and save money to move into my own flat. Years later I now own my own property, I finally had the courage to take the step back into education and I am in a healthy stable relationship. It took time to get to where I am now, but it would not have been possible without the team of professionals who supported me through the most difficult times of my life. My experience of homelessness and the support I received inspired me to want to give back and help people who were in the same position as me, that is why I joined Pembrokeshire care society team in order to support those in need.


My name is Caroline and in 2019 my families lives were spiralling out of control. My husband and I were both medically retired from our jobs our debts and rent arrears were mounting so badly we couldn’t see a way out. Then we were put in touch with Pembrokeshire Care Society and met a wonderful lady called Suzanne. To say they were life savers is too mild but they were. Suzanne helped us apply for the right benefit to be on she helped us sort out our rent arreas advised us on our debts has the physical aids put into our home to help me with trying to stay as independent as I can. She even brought us a food hamper at a time it was most needed. Now we are in such a better position with not rent arreas sorting debts and no eviction hanging over our heads it feels amazing. Even though we have reduced contact Suzanne still rings to check I’m ok and to see if we need any help and I know if anything ever pops up Pembrokeshire care society are only a phone call away and will help in any way they can. They truly are angels and if they ever needed anything I would be first in the line to help. Don’t be embarrassed to speak to someone about debts and eviction notices Pembrokeshire Care Society are there to help you all you have to do is let them it’s the best thing I ever did.

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We currently have many dedicated staff and trustees passionate about providing the best possible service to everyone we support

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We want to end the cycle of homelessness for young people and provide support for those facing homelessness

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At PCS we have been supporting the homeless since 1979 as PATH, under the umbrella of Pembrokeshire Care Society